We’re looking for sponsors!

We’re looking for sponsors to help support the website.

Help can come in many forms, and we’re open to suggestions. This might be:

  • Sponsored Content – You, or we write an article about your company and/or product.
  • Sponsor areas of the site – Get your advert on specific areas of the site. e.g. all archive pages, in the sidebar, on the homepage etc.
  • Donations – you like the site and want to make a longer term relationship.
  • You want to give us something – this might be a premium plugin or a service such as hosting.

What we can’t promise:

  • That we will always talk about your product/company in a positive manner. We want to be impartial.
  • That we will write about your product at all e.g. you send us your plugin for free.

If you have something that you think may be of interest to us, then please get in contact.