Zero BS CRM becomes Jetpack CRM

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Whilst browsing the .org plugin directory today we noticed something new: Jetpack CRM.

It appears to have gone down a similar Freemium route to WooCommerce. Theres a generous free tier and then you pay for extensions, should you need them. The pricing looks very reasonable, starting at $11 per month (although it’s billed yearly) which is very competitive in the CRM market.

This news won’t come as a surprise to many. Automattic acquired a popular CRM plugin (Zero BS CRM) and due to it’s name, a re-branding seemed inevitable.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out – does CRM data really belong in WordPress/attached to a website? sure, you can go with a separate install for this, but it might be one of those services that are best served as a SaSS product. The one huge advantage over a SaSS offering, will be the near endless possibilities for customization, which will certainly be attractive to some users.

Will you be considering Jetpack CRM? let us know your thoughts in the comments.